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Xenos screenshots, X-ray imaging simulations and source design
The Xenos software suite is the ultimate resource to model X-rays, electrons and their interactions. Components function as coupled or stand-alone applications for electric and magnetic field calculations, electron beam design, Monte Carlo modeling of radiation transport and thermal analysis. No other software package compares for advanced features, accuracy, speed and price.

How it works
Xenos (X-ray/electron numerical optimization suite) is a set of advanced 2D/3D finite-element programs that simulates everything you'll want to know about X-rays and electrons. Component programs calculate electric fields, magnetic fields, charged-particle dynamics, electron-photon-positron transport in materials and thermal transport. The Professional version features unlimited memory access and efficient parallel processing on 64-bit Windows machines.

The diagram on the left shows how the programs communicate as an integrated system. The application geometry is defined in the interactive graphical environment of Geometer. MetaMesh uses the information to create conformal meshes of hexahedron elements for the solution programs. The same or different meshes may be used to define 1) electrodes and dielectrics for electrical field calculations (HiPhi), 2) coils, iron and permanent magnets for magnetic field calculations (Magnum), 3) elements and compounds for Monte Carlo radiation transport (GamBet) and 4) solid materials for thermal transport (HeatWave). From this point, there are several options:

  • GamBet can import field information from HiPhi and Magnum. In this case, electron and positron histories are influenced by Lorentz forces as well as material interactions.
  • GamBet can transfer information to OmniTrak to trace orbits of particles generated in a target (i.e., a positron beam).
  • Field information from HiPhi and Magnum can be transferred to OmniTrak to design electron guns and transport systems. The resulting beam distributions can then be sent to GamBet to study target interactions.
  • GamBet records the spatial distribution of deposited power density. The information is used by HeatWave for static and dynamic thermal simulations.
  • GenDist performs statistical analysis of particle distributions from OmniTrak and Gambet.
Xenos includes a parallel set of programs for 2D calculations. There are several pathways for interactions between the 2D and 3D programs.

Some calculations you can perform with Xenos
  • Heater power for a thermionic cathode.
  • Clinical dose distributions with multiple electron or X-ray beams.
  • Peak electric field in a high-voltage feethrough.
  • Calibration of beam diagnostics.
  • Shielding requirements and temperature profiles for an electron-beam welder.
  • Resolution limits in an X-ray imaging system set by photon scattering.
  • Design of bending and focusing magnets for a beam line.
  • Positron production and capture in an optical system.
  • Aberrations in solenoid or quadrupole lenses.
  • Beam perturbations from surrounding iron structures.
  • Space-charge-limited current in high-perveance electron guns.
  • Heating of an X-ray target by a pulsed beam.
  • Periodic permanent-magnet arrays for high-power microwave tubes.
  • 3D design of sheet-beam irradiators.
  • Shielding of MRI magnets.
  • Numerically-exact electron orbits in magnetic or electric deflectors with 3D edge fields.
  • Anything else you can imagine.

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General information
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Application example: X-ray target simulation. xenos_walkthrough.pdf.
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Detailed technical information on Xenos components
GamBet 2D/3D Monte Carlo simulations of electron-photon-positron interactions in matter
Geometer Interactive graphical environment for 3D solid geometry.
MetaMesh Universal 3D conformal mesh generator.
HiPhi Static or low-frequency 3D electric fields, electrodes or dielectrics.
Magnum Static or low-frequency 3D magnetic fields with coils, iron and permanent magnets.
OmniTrak General 3D design of electron guns and charged particle transport systems.
HeatWave 3D thermal transport with temperature-dependent materials and radiation boundaries.
Mesh Universal 2D conformal mesh generator with integrated drawing editor.
EStat Static or low-frequency 2D electric fields, electrodes or dielectrics.
PerMag Static or low-frequency 2D magnetic fields with coils, iron and permanent magnets.
Trak 2D design of electron guns and charged particle transport systems.
TDiff 2D thermal transport with temperature-dependent materials.

Complete and self-contained Xenos package. Electronic delivery of order and updates with no shipping or handling charges. The Academic package runs on 32 or 64 bit machines with Internet license management. The Professional package, a 64 bit compilation with unlimited memory access and parallel-processing support, has an autonomous license for defense laboratories and other secure installations.

Academic (MCS0200): $6,490.00
Professional (MCS0250): $9,990.00

Request a free trial of Xenos. Organizations may send a purchase order (net 30) by E mail to To place a credit card order, use one of the buttons below. Click here for credit card order instructions. Orders are fulfilled via electronic download within 24 hours. The prices apply to a single-user license with simultaneous activation on two computers. There are no shipping or handling charges. Contact us for information on educational and site licenses discounts.

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