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Magnum and Magwinder screenshots,3D magnetic fields

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3D magnetostatic fields and forces with drive coils, high-permeability materials and permanent magnets

Magnum is a versatile tool for 3D finite-element magnetostatic calculations. The program features high accuracy and speed at a moderate price. Magnum can perform three types of calculations: 1) free-space fields in unbounded volumes for given applied currents, 2) bounded fields in the presence of coils, permanent magents and saturable isotropic ferromagnetic materials and 3) pulsed fields in regions with ideal conductors. The program handles saturation effects in ferromagnetic materials and modern permanent-magnet materials (NdFeB and SmCo). The package includes four linked components: Geometer (build 3D structures in an interactive environment), MetaMesh (automatically create conformal hexahedron meshes), MagWinder (build complex 3D drive coil assemblies), Magnum (generate magnetic-field solutions interactively in a window or under command control), and MagView (make 2D/3D plots and perform quantitative analyses).

Self-consistent calculations with saturable magnetic materials like iron. Utility program to create hysteresis tables for any material.
Extensive array of 2D and 3D plotting options.
Interactive point-and-click analysis of solutions.
Advanced solution techniques to resolve microscopic details in large structures.
Automatic volume integrals of field energy to determine inductance.
Interactive line scans and plots with digital oscilloscope features.
Command-mode operation for external solution control and automated analyses.
Vector plots and probes to explore the solution space.
Easy-to-understand instruction manual with walkthrough examples.

Complete and self-contained Magnum package. Electronic delivery of order and updates with no shipping or handling charges. The Basic package runs on 32 or 64 bit Windows machines with Internet license management. The Professional package runs under 64 bit Windows or MacOS. It offers unlimited memory access and parallel-processing support. The autonomous license is ideal for defense laboratories and other secure installations.

Basic (A3D0200): $2,490.00
Professional (A3D0250): $3,990.00

Limited time offer: Magnet Design Tookit included at no charge with a purchase of Magnum.
Download the full-functioned Magnum demo. Organizations may send a purchase order (net 30) by E mail to To place a credit card order, use one of the buttons below. Click here for credit card order instructions. Orders are fulfilled via electronic download within 24 hours. The prices apply to a single-user license with simultaneous activation on two computers. There are no shipping or handling charges. Contact us for information on site license discounts.

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