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Geometer display of STL part

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Get information on shape import from SolidWords™, ProE™ and other 3D CAD programs: stl_information.html
Download the complete MetaMesh instruction manual: metamesh.pdf
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Creation of 3D assemblies in an interactive, graphical environment

The Geometer/MetaMesh package offers unparalleled ease-of-use for 3D mesh generation. Geometer is an interactive, graphical environment to create geometric specifications for MetaMesh. You can build complex assemblies as you move freely through space with advanced visualization tools.

Easy transfer of parts from SolidWords™, AutoCAD™, ProE™ and other 3D CAD programs via STL files.
OpenGL support gives you the sense of being inside the system with complete freedom to move about 3D space.
Variety of orthographic views with reference grids and coordinate tools for precision work.
Extensive set of interactive dialogs allows you to add, modify or reorder parts in a few seconds.
Includes a two-dimensional CAD system to specify cross-sections of extrusions and turnings.
Comprehensive documentation and a library of prepared examples.
Geometer screenshot, spark gap switch