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Thermal Analysis Toolkit

Dynamic and steady-state thermal transport analysis in solids and biological media with temperature-dependent properties

The Thermal Analysis Toolkit is a comprehensive tool for dynamic or steady-state thermal transport calculations in two-dimensional planar and three-dimensional cylindrical systems.The program uses unique finite-element techniques for high accuracy and numerical stability. TDiff (the main solution engine) handles non-linear calculations with temperature-dependent material properties. The program can model effects of thermal radiation boundaries and blood perfusion (bioheat equation). TDiff can imports calculated power densities from Nelson, RFE2, WaveSim and GamBet for coupled solutions.

Define up to 250 regions of different materials
Handles materials with temperature-dependent properties.
Records spatial distributions of temperature at specified times.
Define arbitrary variations in time and temperature through flexible tabular functions.
Interactive graphical environment for plots and numerical analyses.
High-stability finite-element methods with automatic time-step optimization.
Records time-dependent temperature and thermal properties at specified locations.
Easy-to-understand instruction manual with a library of read-to-run examples.

Complete and self-contained Thermal Analysis Toolkit. Electronic delivery of order and updates with no shipping or handling charges. The Academic package runs on 32 or 64 bit machines with Internet license management. The Professional package features 64 bit compilations with unlimited memory access and parallel-processing support. Professional progreams have an autonomous license, ideal for defense laboratories and other secure installations.

Academic (TK0600): $490.00
Professional (TK0650): $790.00

Request a free trial of the Thermal Analysis Toolkit. Organizations may send a purchase order (net 30) by E mail to To place a credit card order, use one of the buttons below. Click here for credit card order instructions. Orders are fulfilled via electronic download within 24 hours. The prices apply to a single-user license with simultaneous activation on two computers. There are no shipping or handling charges. Contact us for information on educational and site licenses discounts.

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