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Omnitrak applications, elliiptical lens and spectrometer
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Charged-particle orbits and collective beam physics in electric and magnetic fields

OmniTrak is the most advanced software tool available on any platform for the analysis of 3D charged-particle devices. The program combines finite-element methods with sophisticated interpolation techniques for fast and accurate orbit calculations. OmniTrak packages are complete tools that handle mesh generation, field solution, particle initiation, orbit tracking and analysis. OmniTrak has applications to areas such as high-power microwave sources, vacuum microelectronics, photomultipliers, particle accelerators, electrostatic and agnetostatic spectrometers, electron microscopes, ion-mobility spectrometers and high-power relativistic beams.The package includes ten linked components: Geometer (build 3D structures in an interactive environment), MetaMesh (automatically create conformal hexahedron meshes), HiPhi (generate electrostatic solutions interactively in a window or under command control), PhiView (electric field plots and analysis), MagWinder (build complex 3D drive coil assemblies), Magnum (generate magnetic-field solutions interactively in a window or under command control), MagView (magnetic field plots and analysis), OmniTrak (orbit tracking and field regeneration), OmniView (plots and analysis of trajectories) and GenDist (plots and analysis of particle distributions).

Option to combine the effects of calculated electric and magnetic fields on independent 3D meshes.
Easy-to-understand instruction manual with library of read-to-run examples.
Unique capability for self-consistent simulations of intense relativistic electron beams with full 3D calculations of beam-generated magnetic fields.
Self-consistent space- charge-limited emission routines support multiple species and emission sites.
Precision interpolation to stopping planes for lens characterization.
Batch-mode operation for automated analyses.
Package includes GenDist for automatic creation of input distributions and OmniView for plots and analyses.
Calculations of drift trajectories and transit times in ion-mobility mass spectrometers.

Complete and self-contained OmniTrak package for 3D simulations of electric fields, magnetic fields and charged-particle beams. Single-user license includes free updates. Electronic delivery of order and updates with no shipping or handling charges. The Basic package runs on 32 or 64 bit machines with Internet license management. The Professional package, a 64 bit compilation with unlimited memory access and parallel-processing support, has an autonomous license for defense laboratories and other secure installations.

Basic (A3D0400): $4,490.00
Professional (A3D0450): $6,990.00

Limited time offer: Trak Charged Particle Tookit included at no charge with a purchase of OmniTrak.
Request a free trial of OmniTrak. Organizations may send a purchase order (net 30) by E mail to To place a credit card order, call us at 1-505-220-3975 or use the buttons below. Orders are fulfilled via electronic download within 24 hours. The prices refer to a single-user license (simultaneous activation of two computers) with free updates. There are no shipping or handling charges. Contact us for information on educational and site licenses discounts.

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