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Heatwave, 3D static and dynamic thermal simulations

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3D thermal transport in solids or biological media with temperature-dependent material properties.

HeatWave applies high-accuracy finite-element methods to solve the steady-state or dynamic thermal equations. The program handles radiative boundaries, blood perfusion and materials with temperature-dependent thermal properties. In initial-value solutions you can define arbitrary time variations of thermal sources and surface temperatures. In this mode, the program can record snapshots of spatial variations or probe signals at points. The package includes five linked components: Geometer (build 3D structures in an interactive environment), MetaMesh (automatically create conformal hexahedron meshes), HeatWave (generate thermal solutions interactively in a window or under command control), HWV (make 2D/3D plots and perform quantitative analyses) and Probe (display thermal prove signals).

Load power-density profiles from Aether, RFE3 or Gambet, with the option to include user-defined temporal modulation functions.
Easy preparation of run control scripts through interactive dialogs.
Define arbitrary time variations of power density and temperature in dynamic runs.
Option to run programs autonomously in the background undewr script control.
Automatic global and region calculations of average temperature and thermal flux.
Automatic display of 3D isothermal surfaces.
Easy-to-understand instruction manual with library of read-to-run examples.

Prices for the complete and self-contained HeatWave suite:
  • HeatWave Basic (A3D0500): $1,690.00
  • HeatWave Professional (A3D0550): $2,490.00
The Thermal Analysis Toolkit ($490.00/$790.00 value) is included at no extra charge. The price applies to a single-user license with simultaneous activation on two computers. There is a procedure to transfer a license to a different computer. The license is perpetual with no additional fees. Delivery is via electronic download with no shipping or handling charge. Free updates and basic technical help are available to the registered user. We accept purchase orders. The software is activated upon payment by check, credit card or wire transfer.