Field Precision title
Software products for microwave and RF field calculations
Application summary. The unitized packages simulate electromagnetic fields in both the frequency-domain (microwave and RF devices) and the time domain (pulsed-power systems, EMP).

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Aether, 3D electromagnetic fields, microwaves and pulsed power Aether
Aether is a versatile package for 3D FEM frequency- and time-domain electromagnetic simulations. Applications include simulations of pulsed-power systems, resonant modes of RF structures, characterization of microwave devices and electromagnetic scattering. The package includes Geometer (an interactive environment for visualizing and building three-dimensional structures), MetaMesh (automatic generator for conformal hexahedron meshes), the Aether solution engine and Aerial (a post-processor for solution exploration, numerical analysis and plot generation).

Electromagnetic toolkit, 2D electromagnetic fields and pulsed power Electromagnetics Toolkit
Complete 2D design suite for frequency- and time-domain electromagnetic simulations. The affordable toolkit gives quick solutions for geometries and field patterns with cylndrical or planar symmetry. The package includes Mesh (automatic generator for conformal triangular meshes), WaveSim (frequency-domain solution engine and post-processor) and EMP (time-domain solution engine and post-processor). Applications include resonator design, electromagnetic scattering, EM interference and pulsed-power devices.