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Three-dimensional time- and frequency-domain electromagnetic fields, magnetic diffusion, eddy-current analysis
Aether is one of the most advanced programs available for 3D electromagnetic fields at a fraction of the cost of competing products. The unified finite-element package handles all stages of a solution: mesh generation, field calculation and interactive analysis. The program has three modes of operation that cover the full spectrum of applications:
  • Pulse mode: EMI and end-to-end simulations of pulsed-power devices.
  • Res mode: Resonant frequencies and Q factors of complex 3D structures.
  • RF mode: Fast frequency-domain simulations of microwave and RF devices.
The Pulse and RF modes feature automatic implementation of the non-radiative limit for pulsed magnets and RF fields with eddy currents. Aether is coded in FORTRAN 95 for incredible speed. The Basic package runs on 32 and 64 bit Windows computers. The professional package features unlimited memory access and efficient parallel operation on 64-bit multicore computers.
Interactive, graphical mesh generation with import from SolidWords, AutoCAD and ProE.
Postprocessor features an interactive analysis environment with 2D and 3D graphics.
Textbook-quality reference manual and a tutorial manual with walkthough examples that illustrate setups for the full range of program capabilities.
Define time-dependent conductivities for switch simulations.
Option to set continuous spatial variations of dielectric constant, magnetic permeability and conductivity from mathematical functions.
Preload electrostatic solutions to initialize charged transmission lines and capacitors.
Definition of complex 3D drive coils with the MagWinder utility.