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EMP and Wavesim example microwave calculations

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Electromagnetics Toolkit

Time-domain electromagnetic analysis: simulations of electromagnetic interference and pulsed-power devices.Frequency-domain simulations of electromagnetic propagation and microwave devices

The Electromagnetics Toolkit includes two solution programs. EMP simulates electromagnetic pulses in 2D planar geometries and 3D cylindrical systems. The program employs unique finite-element methods on conformal triangular meshes for accurate representations of curved and sloped material boundaries. WaveSim models electromagnetic waves in 2D structures. The program finds resonant modes of cavities and waveguides and also handles scattering solutions. High-performance matched termination layers represent open-space conditions. WaveSim determines both near- and far-field solutions and handles absorption resulting from resistivity or imperfect material response. Both programs feature integrated graphical post-processors for plots and solution analysis. The package includes the Probe utility for temporal signals generated by EMP.

Create up to 250 regions. Material types include vacuum, conductors, or lossy dielectrics and ferrites.
Option to define spatial variations of dielectric constant, magnetic permeability or conductivity through a region from mathematical functions.
Represent arbitrary time variations of multiple sources through tables or mathematical functions.
Record time-dependent electric and magnetic field components at up to 50 probe locations.
Automatic integrals of field energy density and resistive power dissipation over regions.
Textbook-quality instruction manual with a library of read-to-run examples.
Material absorption represented by imaginary parts of the dielectric constant and/or magnetic permeability.
Automatic resonance mapping of structures.
Simple output formats for easy data transfer to user applications or mathematical analysis programs.

Complete and self-contained Electromagnetics Toolkit. Electronic delivery of order and updates with no shipping or handling charges. The Basic package runs on 32 or 64 bit machine with Internet license management. The Professional package features 64 bit compilations with unlimited memory access and parallel-processing support. Professional progreams have an autonomous license, ideal for defense laboratories and other secure installations.

Basic (TK0500): $990.00
Professional (TK0550): $1490.00

Request a free trial of the Electromagnetics Toolkit. Organizations may send a purchase order (net 30) by E mail to To place a credit card order, use one of the buttons below. Click here for credit card order instructions. Orders are fulfilled via electronic download within 24 hours. The prices apply to a single-user license with simultaneous activation on two computers. There are no shipping or handling charges. Contact us for information on site licenses discounts.

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