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Software products for electron/ion guns, accelerators and beam transport systems
Application summary. OmniTrak and Trak are the most advanced and accurate simulation suites available for charged-particle injectors and accelerators. The packages include programs for finite-element calculations of electric and magnetic field as well as precise tracking of particle trajectories. Advanced features include self-consistent space-charge effects, Child and field emission, relativistic beams, plasma extraction, secondary emission and multipactor and multi-species simulations.

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OmniTrak screenshot 3D charged particles OmniTrak
World-standard 3D design suite for charged-particle injectors, accelerators and beam transport systems. The package includes Geometer (environment for building three-dimensional structures), MetaMesh (automatic conformal mesh generator), MagWinder (creation of drive coil), the Magnum (FEM magnetic field solutions), MagView (magnetic field post-processor), HiPHi (FEM electric field solutions), PhiView (electric field post-processor), OmniTrak (trajectory calculation and field regeneration), OmniView (particle and field plots), and GenDist (analysis of particle distributions).

Trak screenshot 2D charged particles Trak Charged Particle Toolkit
Complete 2D design suite for magnetic fields and forces. The affordable toolkit gives quick solutions for systems with cylndrical or planar symmetry. The package includes Mesh (drawing editor and conformal mesh generator), EStat (FEM electric field solutions and analysis), PerMag (FEM magnetic field solutions and analysis), Trak (trajectory calculation and field regeneration) and GenDist (analysis of particle distributions). .