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Software products for simulations of X-ray imaging and design of X-ray sources
Application summary. GamBet simulates the transport of electrons, photons and positrons through matter over a broad energy range (300 eV to 1 GeV) using Monte Carlo methods. Xenos is a comprehensive suite for X-ray source design. It couples the functions of GamBet with our finite-element codes for electric and magnetic fields, electron beam devices, and thermal transport. Innovations in the two packages make them the most advanced Monte Carlo codes available on any platform:
  • Represent any 2D or 3D system with conformal meshes that may include hundreds of different material types.
  • Import electron and positron beam distributions from Trak or OmniTrak.
  • Include effects of numerically-exact electric and magnetic fields.
  • Export dose or power density profiles for thermal analysis.
  • Run in multi-processor mode or distribute calculations across any number of independent computers.
  • Generate high-accuracy results with the Penelope physics package.

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Monte Carlo X-ray calculations GamBet
Innovative 2D/3D Monte Carlo design suite for X-ray science. The package includes Geometer (an interactive environment for visualizing and building 3D structures), MetaMesh (automatic generator for 3D conformal hexahedron meshes), Mesh (2D conformal mesh generator with integrating drawing editor), the GamBet solution engine and GBView (comprehensive post-processor for solution exploration, dose analysis and plot generation).

X-ray source design Xenos
The Xenos software suite is the ultimate resource to model X-rays, electrons and their interactions with matter. The primary application is end-to-end design of X-ray sources. Components function as coupled or stand-alone applications for electric and magnetic field calculations, electron beam design, Monte Carlo modeling of radiation transport and thermal analysis.

Electrostatics and high voltage GDE
GDE (GamBet Distributed-computing Extension) is a utility for GamBet or Xenos power users (researchers who run massive Monte Carlo simulations). The programs make it possible to split a calculation between any number of worker computers (32 or 64 bit), using all available processors on each machine. GDE is compatible with any network of Windows computers. Also, work may be divided using the Internet. Only a single software license of GamBet (Pro) or Xenos (Pro) is required for the master computer.