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Universal Scale instruction manual Description
The Field Precision Universal Scale (Version 4.0) is a high-accuracy spatial measurement system for any information that can be displayed on a computer screen: graphs in reports and publications, drawings, medical images and photographs. The unique feature is that screen rulers and measurement templates can be scaled to fit the image, eliminating tedious conversions. The program is of interest to anyone working with computer images: scientists, engineers, radiologists, dentists, architects,.... With the program, you can:
  • Create movable screen rulers precisely calibrated to images with a choice of colors and transparency.
  • Save and reload rulers for standard measurements.
  • Easily measure points on graphs, even with rotations and distortions.
  • Find coordinates and dimensions of mechanical drawings and diagrams.
  • Quickly digitize graphed curves.
  • Transfer numerical information to other applications via the clipboard or data files.
(Special instructions for Mac installation)

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