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The Field Precision Universal Scale (Version 3.0) is a high-accuracy spatial measurement system for any information that can be displayed on a computer screen: graphs in reports and publications, drawings, medical images and photographs. With the program, you can:
  • Create movable screen rulers precisely calibrated to images with a choice of colors and transparency.
  • Save and reload rulers for standard measurements.
  • Easily measure points on graphs, even with rotations and distortions.
  • Find coordinates and dimensions of mechanical drawings and diagrams.
  • Quickly digitize graphed curves.
  • Transfer numerical information in CSV (comma-separated variable) form to other applications via the clipboard or data files.
The Universal Scale is made available at no charge as a service to the scientific and engineering communities by Field Precision LLC.

Terms of use
The Universal Scale is copyrighted by Field Precision LLC. You may download a single copy of the program for your unlimited use. The program is a full-featured version and includes no advertisements. We encourage you to refer colleagues to this page and to include the link on Internet sites.

Download for all versions of Windows
Instructions: download and run the file FPUniSetup.exe.Download link.

Instruction manual
Online instruction manual: