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FP File Organizer (Version 3.0) is a versatile two-window file-management utility for PCs and Macs. It was designed for organizing large data sets (e.g., input and solution files for our programs, photographs, music collections,...). The program has several useful features:

  • A clear and logical layout of controls makes it quick to learn and easy to use. There is no menu or toolbar. Navigation commands are grouped at the top while file-operation buttons occupy the space between the windows. Advanced features that are used less frequently are called from a popup menu.
  • Icons and keyboard shortcut listings appear on the major control buttons.
  • A unique Backup command makes it easy to coordinate code and documents between computers via a USB drive. The command copies files and replaces files only if the source has a more recent modification time. The user has the option to generate a text log of changes made.
  • You can save frequently-visited directory locations and move back and forth between a sequence of directories.
  • The directory/file list may be sorted by name, extension and date.
  • Several advanced functions are particularly useful for data organization (e.g., create text listings of directory contents, determine directory sizes, copy full file paths to the clipboard, launch a terminal window in the current directory,...).
  • You can define custom commands with pass parameters to run external programs.
  • Double-click file names to run programs and batch files or to open document or media files in the Windows default program.
  • Deleted files are saved in the trash bin for a user-specified number of days (even those removed from a USB drive).
(Special instructions for Mac installation)

Download FP File Organizer for Windows Download FP File Organizer for Mac

FP File Organizer is great for everyday tasks, but for heavy lifting (e.g., file operations as administrator), we recommend Free Commander. This two-window file manager works with all versions of Windows. Use this link to download the installer: Free Commander 2009.02b