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Electric/magnetic fields with FEM Elecric and Magnetic Fields with Finite-element Methods (ECourse)
The power of modern personal computers makes fully three-dimensional finite-element calculations of electric and magnetic fields a practical reality for any scientist or engineer. Rough estimates can be replaced with numerically-exact values for complex geometries and material responses. Despite the benefits, many researchers hesitate to get involved because of the learning curve. Effective numerical simulations involve insights that are not typically covered in a standard E&M curriculum. This course builds readers' knowledge and experience in steps so they can apply finite-element programs to field calculations confidently.
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R for GamBet Statistical Analysis Using R for GamBet Statistical Analysis (ECourse)
Our Monte Carlo code GamBet is all about statistics, and R is one of most powerful packages available for advanced statistical analysis. Admittedly, the initial learning curve is steep R commands are powerful but the syntax is a little quirky. On the other hand, the program delivers valuable rewards once your wrap your mind around it. This course will help you get a quick start. It covers the critical techniques you'll need to use R with GamBet and other technical programs through practical examples.
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Finite-element Methods for Electromagnetics, free textbook Finite-element Methods for Electromagnetics (Textbook)
This 320 page text, originally published by CRC Press, covers a broad range of practical applications involving electric and magnetic fields. After introducing numerical methods with a thorough treatment of electrostatics, the book moves in a structured sequence to advanced topics. These include magnetostatics with non-linear materials, permanent magnet devices, RF heating, eddy current analysis, electromagnetic pulses, microwave structures, and wave scattering.The book also covers essential supporting techniques such as mesh generation, interpolation, sparse matrix inversions, and advanced plotting routines.
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Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration, free textbook Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration (Textbook)
(ISBN 0-471-87878-2). This 573 page text, originally published by John Wiley and Sons, is a comprehensive introduction to the physics and technology of charged- particle accelerators. Topics include electrostatic accelerators, betatrons, linear induction accelerators, RF linacs, cyclotrons and synchrotrons.
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Charged Particle Beams, free textbook Charged Particle Beams (Textbook)
(ISBN 0-471-60014-8). This 834 page text, originally published by John Wiley and Sons, gives a broad review of collective beam physics. Topics include emittance, space-charge effects, design of electron and ion guns, generation of RF and microwave energy by beams and free-electron lasers.
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Geometer STL Viewer example Software Tips Blog
Articles cover a wide range of topics, with tips on the effective use of your computer in technical calculations. Subjects include methods to find capacitance and inductance, applications of DOS batch files, setting up field emission simulations and importing objects from CAD programs. Also included are suggested course materials for instructors using our free SATE educational software. See the page Posts by program for advice on specific Field Precision packages.
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FP Universal Scale Field Precision Universal Scale (Software)
The Field Precision Universal Scale is a high-accuracy spatial measurement system for any information that can be displayed on a computer screen: graphs in reports and publications, drawings, medical images and photographs. With the program, you can create movable screen rulers precisely calibrated to images, easily measure points on published graphs, find coordinates and dimensions of mechanical drawings and diagrams and quickly digitize curves.
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FP Universal Scale Computer Task Organizer (Software)
Working with a computer involves many redundant activities. Most of them require running a program and finding a file. In a typical work day, tasks may involve the same twenty files. Twenty buttons would go a long way to reducing aggravation and inefficiency. The idea of the Computer Task Organizer is to push one button for each task in a day. The Windows program makes it easy to define a task. Each time you find yourself doing the same activity, it takes only a few seconds to automate it.
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Boilerplate Boilerplate (Software)
Many of the operations we carry out with a Windows computer involve the clipboard. Although useful, the clipboard is inflexible — it handles only one item at a time. Boilerplate expands clipboard functions in two ways:
  • You can build a library of standard text selections (i.e., boilerplate) that can be transferred to the clipboard with a single button press — ready to paste into a document.
  • You can recall previous items on the clipboard.
Although its functions are simple, Boilerplate can save you time each work day.
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FP File Organizer (Software)
The Field Precision File Organizer is a versatile two-window file-management utility designed for organizing large data sets (e.g., input and solution files for our programs, photographs, music collections,...). The program features a clear and logical layout of controls that makes it quick to learn and easy to use. A unique Backup command makes it easy to coordinate code and documents between computers via a USB drive. Several advanced functions are particularly useful for data organization (e.g., create text listings of directory contents, determine directory sizes, copy full file paths to the clipboard, launch a terminal window in the current directory,...).
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CECIL_B: BMP files to AVI movies (Software)
CECIL_B is a freeware Windows utility to convert large sets of BMP graphics files to AVI movie format. Such sets are generated by Field Precision simulation programs and other technical software. CECIL_B has several advantages compared to alternatives like video editors: 1) the program is free (distributed to the scientific community as a service by Field Precision LLC), 2) it takes only a few minutes to learn the program and only a few seconds to set up a conversion and 3) the user can pick optimal video codecs to create high-quality, compact video files.
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