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SolidWorks Partner Field Precision creates advanced finite-element software for electromagnetic fields, charged-particle devices and X-ray science. Our unitized 2D and 3D packages cover a broad range of application areas including high voltage engineering, magnet design, charged-particle devices, permanent magnet assemblies, microwave technology, pulsed power systems, and X-ray imaging. Affordable Basic packages run on any Windows computer. Professional packages with parallel-processing support and unlimited memory access run under 64-bit XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Click on the Where to find... box to find products and prices, to check our capabilities or to contact us.

Electrostatics and high voltage Electrostatics and high voltage engineering
Calculations of field stress on electrodes, electric field lines, capacitance and electrostatic forces.
Magnetic fields and permanent magnet devices Electromagnets and permanent magnets
Magnetic field distributions and forces, including drive coils of any shape, iron with saturation effects and multiple permanent magnets.
Electron and ion guns Electron/ion guns, charged-particle beams
Integrated design tools for electron and ion injectors with space-charge and relativistic effects. Beam focusing and deflection devices.
X-ray sources, radiation transport X-ray sources, radiation transport in matter
Monte Carlo simulations of electron, photon and positron interactions. End-to-end design of X-ray systems.
Bioengineering capabilities RF and microwave technology
Resonator design, electromagnetic scattering, pulsed-power technology and microwave devices.

Links to featured products

Magnum: 3D magnetic fields with coils, permanent magnets and saturable iron

Aether: 3D time- and frequency-domain electromaqnetic fields

Advanced Charged-Particle Design Suite: world standard for electron/ion guns and accelerators

GamBet: Monte Carlo code for X-ray generation and imaging

Xenos: Comprehensive package for X-ray source design